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If you'd like to stay up to date with KSA and become a part of our growing community why not join us.

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By becoming a member of the KSA / Kiernan Surf Club, you will be able to receive the following benefits:


Joining the oldest surf club in New Jersey, and top's in the US. Preserve KSA’s legacy of historic value to our Surfing Community.


Formed in 1965 the club is recognized as the oldest club in NJ with a rich history spanning over 5 decades.


Be involved in a healthy and environmentally conscious sport.


Learn how to train, stay surf fit and be prepared for all conditions.

Be part of a club that has club mark status.

Help with environmental as well as community projects.


Help on charitable causes and with environmental groups such as;






Surfers’ Environmental Alliance,  Orca Conservancy, 4Ocean, Native Fish Society,Leave Only Your Footprints and others.


KSA recognizes other groups, clubs, and not for profit that share the love and commitment to our ocean, animals in the wild (our waters), beaches and the surf community. KSA is dedicated to work in collaboration with our like cause organizations.


We raise money for designated local charities every year.


Be involved in social activities.


Be part of a club.


We have a Junior Academy that aims to help those under 18 to learn to surf and have a greater understanding of Sea Safety, the Surf Environment (beach/sand dunes/sea), surf etiquette and have a good knowledge of the surfer’s code.


Be part of a club that competes at a Local, Regional and International level both junior and senior.

The club strives to be as professionally run as possible.


Promotes artistic/media/photo creativity.

Helps those that want to explore creatively in the world of surfing through photography/music/art.


Annual Membership Benefits:

Redd It e-newsletters  

Alerts & Conservation Reports on Vital Issues

Personal invitations to special events 


KSA member card



KSA member pin














10% discount on KSA line of shirts, hats and merchandise

Open invitation to KSA’s annual event the weekend (Week) of September 24th, KSA Day including a Memorial Paddle Out for those lost in that year. 

As a co-founding* member you will receive some of our most sought-after swag

In addition to exclusive perks, as a co-founding* member you’re making an investment in our grassroots start-up


If you've got questions about memberships or would like to update your contact information please don't hesitate to contact us. 

* Co-Founders' are limited to 150:

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UNDER 18 (on 1st Jan)


eligible for the academy



per year



OVER 18 (on 1st Jan)





per year



2 seniors  &  2 juniors

$10 per extra junior



per year


Junior under 13 Free when sponsored by an adult member.


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If you'd like to stay up to date with Kiernan Surfing Assoc. and become a part of our growing community why not join us.



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