Code of Conduct

Adopted by KSA Committee with immediate effect General Conduct at Events / Competitions

Sportsmanlike conduct is defined but not limited to:

Respect for fellow competitors, free surfers, judges, KSA or other officials, media representatives, suppliers, spectators and the general public within the designated Event area ("Participants")

Acting responsibly and maturely at Events, refraining from the use of threatening behavior including abusive

language, verbal assault, gestures and any physical or other intimidation towards any Participant.

Refraining from the use of illegal (e.g. under age) or immoderate use of alcohol and illegal or banned drugs.

All surfers, including free surfers, to conduct themselves in accordance with the best traditions of local, national and

international sporting competitions


Coaches, KSA Members, Friends and Family Supporters

Sportsmanlike conduct and responsible behavior is also expected from a competitor’s coach, KSA Members, parents, guardian, friends and family supporters. If any one breaks the Code of Conduct and is responsible for, or representing a minor/child, that minor/child should not be affected by the adult’s behavior. The offending person's actions would be reviewed by the KSA Disciplinary Committee and that individual may be penalized. An incident, depending on the severity, may be referred by a Committee Member to the KSA Disciplinary Committee (refer to heading ‘Ultimate Penalty’) who shall review and take appropriate action.

Any competitor or a competitor’s representative (a coach, supporter or a parent’s behavior could affect the competitor’s freedom to compete) found to be in violation of the Code of Conduct will be subject to the following disciplinary action:


In the current and/or following Calendar Year:
First Offence: disqualification from the particular Event.
Second Offence: disqualification from all Events in the Calendar Year.


Points will be retained by the competitor from any Event at which an Offence is committed, but only if he/she has competed without incident in at least one heat of the particular Event.

Suspension and Expulsion

Any competitor who continues to offend in one or more consecutive seasons may be subject to disqualification, suspension and/or expulsion from future Events organized by the Club Kiernan(KSA) teammate Penalty

A Disciplinary Hearing may need to be held, subject to the severity of the offence, no later than 14 days from the date of the offending incident. The competitor and/or his representative may be called before a Disciplinary Committee made up of a minimum of three KSA Committee Members. The KSA Child Protection Officer would also participate if applicable. An appeal against a Disciplinary Committee ruling will be allowed, for example, if new evidence comes to light. Appeals are only allowed with the approval of all other members of the KSA Committee. There will be a minimum of a one year ban before anyone expelled can reapply for KSA membership (which application must be accepted by a majority vote of the KSA Committee).

Note: This Code of Conduct will be subject to change by the KSA Disciplinary Committee, as appropriate, and without prior notice.


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