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   Is a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization., 0101053025

EIN 37-1953675

501 C-3 Certification Letter

IRS Form 1023


Mission Statement:

To inspire conservation of the ocean & coastal environment.

KSA focuses on a diversified demographic to develop alliances with, but not limited to, conservation, environmental, community, religious, research,  service, student, education,  surfing,  clubs and groups, in order to inspire  conservation of the ocean and coastal environment.

With transparency KSA indorses the flexibility to collaborate (Charting Impact) with like charitable organizations sharing a commitment to our ocean, promoting healthy and diverse ocean ecosystems, welfare of animals in the wild, marine waters, beaches and the surf community. KSA is further dedicated to preserving and respecting KSA’s past, it's legacy of historic value to our Surfing Community, mentoring the future stewards of our environment, promoting excellence in our community, while fostering a forward-looking, positive image.

Education and outreach;

KSA is dedicated to improving the ocean and coastal environment of New Jersey by further incorporating citizen action, research and educational programs dedicated to environmental stewardship with vanguard educational  practices.


Dedicated to preserving and respecting it's past;

KSA will offer events, such as  surf contests, art and surf share festivals and educational seminars to promote KSA’s past, preserve it's legacy of historic value to our surfing community and advance its future. Join our good vibe tribe!

480 Neptune Ave

Long Branch 07740-7719


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