KSA Planed 2020 / 21 Agenda 



Kiernan Surfing Association thanks you for your support, from attendance at our KSA events, Tee shirt purchases, donations,  positive Facebook activity, to simply your good vibe. Five years ago, through the dedicated contribution of a stellar organizational committee and your attendance, we had a fantastic celebration, our 50th -year reunion, Mahalo. That weekend a pledge to continue KSA as a non-profit was made, to give back to the community, to preserve KSA’s legacy of historic value to our Surfing Community, it is with gratitude, we passionately pursue our goals.

Our business model was designed to start initial funding through membership. A Membership drive was planned for mid-February; we know how that went. We must move forward knowing well some of you may be having difficult times. When you can, please consider joining. To our original members, importantly the successful ones now is the time for your re-membership, if you were at the 50th your support is needed immediately. Available to the first 150 members, original or new you historically will be documented as a founding member. Members will have the ability for member engagement. Receive a Member Pin and Member Card. Please share.




https://www.surfksausa.org/membership or https://www.surfksa.com/ or Tap KSA Page Shop Now.

Kiernan Surfing Association is committed to transparency in all phases of its business practices.

1.    Our annual September KSA day event is still on, The Doc Salmon Memorial Paddle Out. We have been working on this with Monmouth County Parks. The plan is to have 2 or 3 surfers paddle out with guests lining the beach, in a safe social distance. As surfers we can do this. We may also give out the Membership Pin and Card. Should the Scholarship recipient be confirmed we can also give it out at the event.


2.    KSA will give one scholarship or a grant this year. KSA offers scholarships only as a supplement to our overall program.  A scholarship may go to individuals for educational purposes, students that are majoring in a form of environmental studies. They will be selected based on their academic achievement, community activism, career plans, and personal ambitions. A scholarship may also go to and individual that participates in a project or program dedicated to improving the environment, a citizen action group, research, or a vanguard  educational program.

For example, an art program. In Clearwater Florida art students are designing murals and painting them on storm drains with a theme of ocean environment, the intention that the runoff makes its way to the ocean. Scholarships will be offered to individuals or groups inspiringconservation of the ocean and coastal environment there by fostering KSA’s mission.


3.    Develop an educational program this fall / winter for implementation next spring Targeting youth, school, or event.


4.    When we worked with the Monmouth Parks System they ask if KSA would consider a surf school at Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park. To start we may only be capable of 1 week in the first season. This will be contingent on a workable solution with board members involved in similar activities.



5.    A KSA fun event, maybe for Christmas, in collaboration with a partner.  Possibly a Virtual Surf Film Festival.


6.    A 2021 spring fundraiser. Open for member engagement (input).


7.    2021 KSA Day Event, September. Open for member engagement (input).


If you had the fortitude to review this lengthy read, good for you.

Please Join the oldest surf club in New Jersey, and top's in the US, now a non-profit / club.

Our promise to you; Kiernan Surfing Association will run with transparency, be professional as possible in all phases and strive to make you, the member, proud.

Stay Close to the Soul, much Aloha and Mahalo, KSA

K  S  A